Damien Miquel

To discover Corsica !

Our goal is to offer to any adventurer initial or confirmed the possibility of appeasing and of sharing its passion of the travel and the raid in Corsica. We propose to you our experiment, our competences and of the courses thoroughly elaborate within a team adapted to each destination. Of a internship, of a simple escapade, the one weekend time, with raids, excursions and excursions of several days, to the Southern Corsica.


Kit Moto Yamaha, SARL Damien Miquel, 12 Boulevard Maglioli, 20 000 Ajaccio, France Phone:+33 (0)4 95 23 40 08 Email:randomotocorse@gmail Web:Damien Miquel • Discovered motorized Corsica
Phone: +33 (0)4 95 23 40 08 Email: randomotocorse@gmail.com

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Yamaha sponsorise damien Miquel
The Yamaha philosophy is reflected in all its activities. Focused its efforts to offer products tailored to the exacting requirements of the French market.
Kit Moto sponsorise Damien Miquel
Kit Moto • Ajaccio
Find the spirit of the store KIT MOTO Ajaccio on their page! And join them to come and try the new features in preview.
iPhone sponsorise Damien Miquel
IPONE, "combat oil made in France", is an innovative company that has been able to adapt and grow in order? To become the market leader in less than 10 years.
Birh sponsorise Damien Miquel
Bihr is a wholesalers of accessories, spare parts and tires for motorcycles, scooters, quads (ATV, SSV) and scooters. One of the main actors of the distribution to the professionals in his field, with more than 5000 dealers.
HJC Helmets sponsorise Damien Miquel
HJC Helmets
HJC continues to be a positive mark for motorcyclists in Europe that supplies helmets while offering both safety, comfort, elegance and quality.
Kenny sponsorise Damien Miquel
Kenny was born there more than 30 years in the Amiens region. Dedicated to the manufacture of motocross apparel, the company has produced for leading brands.
TCX sponsorise Damien Miquel
TCX now offers the most complete range existing on the market: the racing boot for road than for offroad of the boot for touring and recreation in all its variations.
Bud Racing sponsorise Damien Miquel
Bud Racing
Bud Racing-commerce site. Preparer known and recognized by all, and prepares your suspensions your engine according to your desires.